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MI Legalize files petition to legalize marijuana in Michigan!

Chris Silva., Lansing Cannabis Advocate and Consultant, Progressive Voter Outreach.

15 June 2016

MI Legalize, a grassroots ballot initiativehas made history by turning in over 350,000 signatures and challenging the 180 day window for signature gathering in Michigan.

On June 1 MI Legalize leaders submitted to the Michigan Bureau of Elections over 354,000 signatures from Michigan residents, all secured in support of a petition drive to put the issue on the ballot in the November 2016 general election. This is the first time a legalization campaign has submitted signatures to the state of Michigan and will most certainly spark a lively debate about the 180 day rule that has been the de facto law in Michigan ballot initiatives.

MI Legalize is a group comprised of activists, patients, and industry members who want a more fair market approach to legalization and a swift end to the prohibition that has burdened our society and justice system. Win or loose, it is important work and we support their mission here at Kind Lansing. You can find out more or get involved, at

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