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Lansing moves one step closer to Medical Cannabis ordinance.

Chris Silva., Lansing Cannabis Advocate and Consultant, Progressive Voter Outreach.

09 September 2016

Last week Lansing City Council safety committee approved draft 6b of a proposed medical marijuana ordinance that would aim to regulate, and zone medical marijuana establishments. We at Kind believe it is important for all patients to be informed and active in our community. Its important we help you understand the proposed changes and ways you can be involved in helping to shape them.

The current proposal would require testing, labeling, and some other great standards for patients. Standards that we at Kind have always cared about and practiced without regulations forcing us. There are also some regulations that are aimed at stifling the emerging cannabis industry here in Lansing.  Proposed zoning requirements are likely to force many establishments out of business or will put them in conflict with one and another. The ordinance in moving on to a public zoning meeting this October, be sure to be on the watch for a new update in a couple weeks.

After the zoning meeting the ordinance would then move on to the full council. Its important that everyone who can is signed up at our web site to get updates so that you can be informed on ways to be involved. Together our voice carries much better. You can find the latest copy of the ordinance here. Along with the contact information for your Lansing City Council members. Be sure to send them a polite e-mail, call or visit and ask them to make sure we have the most sensible policies in place for patients.

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