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Gov. Signs Medical Cannabis Bills into Law!

Chris Silva., Lansing Cannabis Advocate and Consultant, Progressive Voter Outreach.

21 September 2016
Today, Gov. Snyder signed a set of bills that would expand, and regulate the medical Cannabis industry in Michigan. In addition laws were passed that make edibles and concentrates finally legally safe for patients and providers. In addition they would cement into law important patient safety triggers like testing and labeling requirements. These laws are seen as both good and bad for patients.  Some fear the extra regulation will drive up patient costs, while others claim the economies of scale will bring cultivation prices down and impact pricing in a positive way. In the current situation nothing will change at your local provisioning center, but in the near future the face of medical cannabis and how patients’ access will change a lot and start to look more like a pharmacy or doctor’s office.
The bills will set up multiple classes of licensing set up for cultivators, processors, and retail locations. In addition a classes of licenses will be created for secured transport of medical cannabis. The nuts and bolts of many parts of the system will be decided by a board appointed by the governor that has yet to be formed. We will be staying on top of any changes and will pursue a state and local license so that we can continue to serve you the best we possibly can.
The bills were passed with bi-partisan support and have been seen as a show that Cannabis is here to stay in Michigan, and this there is starting to get a more business as usual feel. In addition they are signed less than a week after MI Legalize was denied in federal court for their 2016 bid to place a ballot initiative on the November ballot that would legalize and regulate adult Cannabis use and industrial hemp production.  This effort, coupled with the positive new direction the legislature in going with Cannabis has led many to the conclusion that Michigan has jumped ahead in the race for full of legalization. Many suspect 2018 will be the year forces in Michigan fight to get a full legal recreational market to go along with the new developing medical industry.

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