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CBD 101

Angie Roullier, Bud Tender, KIND Provisioning

22 September 2016

Cannabis extracts and flowers have been used as medicine around the world for thousands of years. Currently, major interests in the cannabis plant revolve around a superabundance of naturally occurring compounds called cannabinoids and terpenoids. Hundreds of these molecules are contained within the flowers, stalks and stems of the plant, giving cannabis much to offer us by way of health and wellness. For many patients, cannabidiol is the most significant of these compounds found in this amazing plant.

What makes cannabidiol—more commonly called CBD—trump THC is the fact that it is completely non-psychoactive, meaning there isn’t any head high—just straight-up pain relief. This fact either draws a patient towards CBD or deters them from it. Unfortunately, the majority of cannabis users believe that only THC is the way to medicate. This is simply not true!

Different cannabinoids elicit different responses from the body. CBD has demonstrated numerous medicinal benefits both in conjunction with and separate from THC. CBD actually balances out the THC in the body. Likewise, THC assists the body in absorbing CBD into its system. Taken together, the cannabinoids enhance the strength of one another’s anti-pain and anti-nausea properties. On the other hand, sometimes patients need to manage their symptoms or conditions free from any psychedelic effects.

There are several ways that CDB can aid someone dealing with an array of health issues. It reduces inflammation while promoting bone and immune system strength—which is great news for us seasoned folks. CBD also manages anxiety and muscle spasms. It works to lower blood sugar levels and can help reduce the occurrence of seizures. This incredible little compound is even showing that it can shrink cancer cells! These are just a few highlights of the abundant health benefits derived from CBD consumption. Just because there is an absence of a head high does not mean that the cannabis you’ve taken isn’t helping.

Finding isolated CBD is easier than you may think. There are wide varieties of products currently available on the market including flowers, capsules, patches, medibles, tinctures, teas and concentrates that contain pure CBD extract. Be on the look out for high CBD strains from your caregiver or local dispensary, such as Cannatonic, Harlequin or Pennywise. Strains carrying a combination of both THC and CBD tend to be described by their content ratios. For example, one to one means there are equal parts CBD and THC. Two to one, three to one, etc. denotes CBD to THC content.

It may be wise to consume CBD derived from the cannabis plant over CBD from the hemp plant, if possible. Although hemp is high in CBD, it comes with some issues that haven’t been properly addressed yet. Hemp is a natural bio-accumulator, meaning it is in its nature to draw toxins out of the soil. Testing for these toxins is not a common practice in the cannabis industry as of yet. CBD taken from the cannabis plant will be the cleanest and most beneficial due to the fact that CBD taken in conjunction with other cannabinoids is going to work most harmoniously with the body.

I would like to add that my physical and mental wellbeing has greatly improved since taking CBD. I have a significantly less pain, mental tension and I sleep like a stone. If you are suffering in any form, I do hope you give CBD a try.

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