Terpenes and Strains

Do strain names really mean anything?

Chris Silva., Lansing Cannabis Advocate and Consultant, Progressive Voter Outreach.

26 October 2016

We all have that favorite strain, the one that we always will look for in our local provisioning center or ask our caregiver about. Some of us may have a particular medical reason we are looking for a particular strain. Others have a preferred taste profile or effect they are seeking. Either way, there are for sure some serious “name brand” strains out there that medical cannabis consumers love. The cookies, the OG’s, the Glue, and many others crowd the market. It can be a lot to even sample them, let alone have a particular favorite. The consumer puts a lot of stock on the name of a particular strain. I have some bad news, strain names mean nothing, if you don’t know what to do with the information.

There are often multiple different phenotypes that will be attributed to a particular strain. This makes a consistent experience and product different and less common. Consumers will be best served by learning more about bud structure, scent, and individual terpene profiles and how to identify them by smell.

Whoa, blowing your mind right? Here watch this informative video from 420 Science Club and Max Montrose of the Trichrome Institute. Max has been developing a series of courses and classes designed to act as a “expert” program for cannabis. The term, coined, “Enterprener” is a skilled Cannabis expert who can identify strains by sight and also identify specific terpene profiles, as well as acceptable and unacceptable product qualities such as mold or rot. He will break down a lot of the faulty knowledge that has seeped into cannabis culture over the last few years.  You will learn how individual terpenes can help alter your experience with cannabis and how to identify them. He will also talk about how to maximize your experience and relief with Cannabis using your knowledge of terpenes and bud structure to better understand the experience you can expect.

The world of Cannabis science is still developing, and there is a lot of work to be done to ensure everyone is benefiting the most effectively.  By being informed and asking your local budtender in Lansing questions you are helping push the industry towards being better advocates and experts to serve our patients.

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