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Lansing Residential Grow Ordinance Proposed!

Kind Staff

November 18, 2016

Working at Kind has given many of the staff on opportunity to more or less become Cannabis nerds and immerse ourselves in all things Ganja, as we all work towards becoming the most knowledgeable and helpful associates we can be. One of the things I have noticed is how many caregivers and patients grow at least some portion of their own medicine. A lot of them come in to see us for specific strains, hard to process types of oils, caplets, raw juices, or other super specific medical items they need. We at Kind are totally aware that home growers and basement lab rats have moved this industry forward and are the shoulders we all are standing on today.

     There is movement in Lansing to reign in home grow operations. There will not be a list or a license required, but there will be small cost ($65.00) for a yearly inspection to make sure your electrical and other building works are up to code and everything is safe. Current proposals set a monthly usage of 3,500 Kwh as a baseline for when additional service upgrades from BWL, as well as the previously mentioned inspections would kick in. These are still just proposals and there is no movement expected until early next year.

This will not affect every caregiver, however many will be forced to either downsize or commit to some serious upgrades to their situation. There will be a lot of discussion about this issues moving forward, in fact many of the perceived issues around Cannabis in Lansing center around home grow operations and how they interact with their neighbors. We will keep you informed on how Lansing City Council is moving forward as well as give you updates on when you can have your voice and opinion heard!

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