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Massachusetts becomes the next LEGAL Cannabis State

Kind Staff

15 December 16

Last night at midnight tokers of Massachusetts enjoyed their first puffs of recreational pot when personal amounts of Cannabis and home cultivation of up to 12 plants became legal for the states 6.7 million residents.  The state is the first on the East Coast to allow for cultivation and is looking to develop an industry that will be the first on the Eastern Seaboard to take on the recreational market.

Last month voters elected to pass question 4 the ballot question that would legalize personal use and cultivation of Cannabis as well as lay out the framework for recreational Cannabis industry. November marked a tipping point for Cannabis with well over half the states having some sort of legal Cannabis.

Michigan looks to break out and position itself as one of the first Rec states in the midwest. This week representatives from the Marijuana Policy Project will meet with activists from across the state to engage them on what they would like to see a 2018 campaign look like.

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Thursday, December 15 Massachusetts is poised to officially become the first state on the East Coast to legalize weed production and possession for adult recreation.

Tomorrow it will be legal for any resident of Massachusetts aged 21 or over to start growing a maximum of 12 cannabis plants at home. They may also possess 10 ounces of cannabis flowers at home and 1 ounce in public without fearing arrest. Public pot smoking is still banned in the same manner as tobacco smoking.

In passing Question 4 on Nov. 8 by a margin of 53 to 46 percent, according to Ballotpedia, Massachusetts voters



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