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2018 Campaign likely in the works.

Kind Staff

20 December 2016

At Kind we like to keep you informed on all the latest Cannabis news. Medical Cannabis in Michigan is on its way to having a developed well regulated market. We have more card holders than any other state in the country, except for CA. The most recent effort for legalization, MI Legalize raised more money and collected more signatures than has ever been collected in MI for Cannabis. Its success has also jump started the conversation from national groups on the possibility of a 2018 ballot campaign as opposed to 2020.

Last week hundreds of dedicated patient activists and industry leaders met in cities across the state as the Marijuana Policy Project completed their listening tour. The MPP is in the final stages of deciding if a 2018 ballot campaign for adult use Cannabis legalization is doable or not. Influencing their decisions, other than normal off presidential election year contentions, is the fact that MI Legalize and potential other rival Cannabis petitions are still lurking in the wings.

Many in the activist community see MI Legalize as a last ditch way to salvage the progress made last season by the campaign in the event the MPP does not do a campaign in MI or if the MPP language is too unpalatable for those in the activist community. There have been some members from MI Legalize present at the MPP meetings but so far no official word on how a relationship between the groups would work.

A joint MI Legalize MPP ballot campaign would almost entirely ensure a victory at the Nov. 2018 ballot for adult use of Cannabis. The sample language for the MPP in Michigan is available here at their website. The MPP and any participating coalition members will make a formal announcement in the next few months on when and and if a ballot campaign for 2018 will begin.

Michigan has the potential to unleash a great economic force onto the state if a robust and fair Cannabis industry can be developed. We are hopeful that a strong campaign and show of public support will help chip away at the years of damage the drug war has brought on our communities.

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