2016 Year in review

Kind Staff

27 December 2016

2016 will certainly go down as one of the most prolific in our decade when it comes to political and social movements. Cannabis reform is no exception. In Michigan our ballot effort for 2016 was thwarted by a series of dirty tricks and sleight of hand tricks from the Snyder administration, yet there was great progress in the Medical industry. 2016 saw a huge increase in the mainstream acceptance and appeal of Cannabis, both in the adult use market as well as the medical industry. Celebrities have their own brands of Cannabis products in many states, and studies have indicated that the recreational market is dominated by an older and grayer generation. To put it another way, Cannabis is looking more and more “normal” every day. Over half of the states in the US now have some form of legal Cannabis distribution on the books. We are at a real tipping point in terms of Cannabis reform.

The legal markets of Colorado, Washington, and Oregon have shown many people the true power that the industry has the potential to achieve. As of December 2016 Colorado had recorded almost a billion dollars in sales for 2016. No matter what, the Green tiger is out of its cage. California and Nevada are the next economic juggernauts to enter the industry. This November voters in those states as well as Maine and Massachusetts voted to allow legal adult use markets in their states. In CA and NV, both markets will see many new pot tourists as well as develop some ancillary business while growing a quasi-established/legal industry in CA and a newly formed highly regulated medical industry in NV.

What’s next? 2017 looks to be another huge year. Legal Markets in Alaska will have some time in the market, and by the end of the year the first legal operations will be kicking in CA, NV, and possibly some of the newer medical states, including MI.  It also is looking like more and more “cafes” will make their way to the US. I-300 in Denver passed narrowly this Nov. I-300 will allow a charter program to open up on site use for Cannabis in public. In addition MA, CA and Maine have provisions in their language that allow for the possibility of some limited on site use or other Cannabis businesses that would allow public consumption.

Overall there is a lot of work to be done on a federal level as well as state to state. Banking issues and reform of the tax code are the biggest areas players in the industry are looking to see change. There is hope that the growing power and wealth of the industry will force politicians of every party to understand that the Cannabis market is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Locally in MI, MPP and MI Legalize both have made it clear that 2017 will be when signatures will be collected for an Adult use campaign here in MI, you can read more about it here. There is great optimism that a unity campaign can be hobbled from the two groups in order to achieve the best shot of victory in 2018.  There will also be a lot of movement in many cities and municipalities as local leaders will begin to think about how the Cannabis industry will fit into their communities. Ordinances are already being drafted in order to be ready for licensing occurs starting late 2017 or early 2018.  Please be involved and attend local city council and planning meetings to give your opinion on why we need safe access and a robust industry.

We hope your 2016 was all you wanted and more. Let’s hope 2017 is even better. Keep checking in to the Kind Blog for weekly updates, product reviews, or other Cannabis related news from Lansing to across the world.

Cannabis Wire’s 2016 Year in Review

December 7, 2016 by Cannabis Wire Editors


Looking back at December of last year, it’s hard to believe how much the cannabis industry has changed. California and three other states legalized cannabis; voters in four more states passed medical cannabis laws, too.

But so much more happened. So, we rounded up the most important cannabis news of the past year for the annual Cannabis Wire Year in Review.



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