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Hemp CBD VS. Cannabis CBD

Kind Staff

19 Jan 2017

Recent years have seen a great deal of “mainstream” attention to medical Cannabis and its uses. Everyone from the NFL, Ultimate fighting, and even Sanjay Gupta agree, there is therapeutic value in Cannabis, and the compounds THC and CBD. There is however a great deal of variety and “grey” area when it comes to CBD and CBD products. There has long been a legal regulated hemp derived CBD market in Europe. Consumers can obtain these products at health and specialty stores across the USA without a doctors recommendation or a medical Cannabis card.

There is also a greater focus on Cannabis based CBD products in Michigan, as well as other medical states. It can be confusing for a new patient to sort through the different products. If you are a patent at Kind Lansing you can always be sure you are getting quality CBD products sourced from providers with highest standards.

This article gives some good background information that can really help you understand the difference between Hemp based and Cannabis based products and how each of them may give you relief.



Cannabis Oil Vs. Hemp Oil, Hash Oil 2017: Facts And Myths About Alternative Cancer, Pain, And Stress Treatments

Smoking may be the most popular method to use marijuana, but it’s not the only one. Cannabis-derived oils are increasingly popular, and their uses and properties differ depending on what part of the plant they come from and how they are created. Here is a quick run-through of the differences in these oils and their uses.


Cannabis oil is made using the bud of the marijuana plant plus some other type of oil. Cannabis oil is high in THC which means that it has psychoactive properties. The most common uses of cannabis oil are to get high, as it is commonly used to cook “edibles.” However, experts are becoming more aware of the medicinal uses for cannabis oil. According to The Chill Bud, it can be used as a topical cream for many skin conditions as it is useful for inflammation. In addition, it can be used to help reduce pain and nausea, which is why many medicinal marijuana advocates push for its use for cancer patients, The American Cancer Society reported.

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Hemp oil is derived from crushing the seeds of the marijuana plant. It has nearly indistinguishable levels of THC, which means that it does not give users the classic “high” sensation. However, it does contain high levels of a compound known as CBD, Healthy Hemp reported. Studies have shown that CBD may be useful in reducing anxiety and paranoia, and may even be useful in treating seizures. In fact, Charlotte’s Web is a strain of hemp oil specifically bred to be extremely high in CBD and low in THC, and is used to treat epilepsy. Hemp oil is also traditionally used in beauty products.


Hash oil is a very concentrated form of cannabis oil that is capable of giving users a potent high with only a small amount. Like cannabis oil, it also has medicinal uses for relieving pain, uplifting your mood, and reducing stress. However, according to The Atlantic, due to the process used to create hash oil, its THC amounts are about three times higher than traditional cannabis oil. This means it can get users very high very fast, which may not be a good idea for novice marijuana users.

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