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Lansing Safety Committee moves one step closer to Home Occupation Ordinance.

Kind Staff

22 March 2016

This afternoon members of the Lansing city council Safety Committee passed the home occupation ordinance onto the city council during their first public meeting of 2017.  City Council has been off to a rocky start to 2017, with multiple attempts to elect leadership being deadlocked over almost two weeks. Finally last week there was some consensus and new leadership and committees were selected. Council Member Adam Hussain now chairs the committee that deals with both proposed ordinances that deal with medical cannabis.

This proposed ordinance would set up a complaint based system to enforce a 3,500 a month kph cutoff for enhanced BWL service and city inspections. This would apply to all home occupants in Lansing that use the amount of electricity- not just cannabis caregivers-although many see it as a backdoor to harass them. The move has been seen by many in the activist community as an assault on the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act as well as privacy and patients’ rights. The full City Council will deliberate on this issue on Feb. 13th at their next scheduled meeting. It is also noteworthy to mention that at Mondays council meeting Mayor Bernero gave his support for the home occupation ordinance, sighting safety and quality of life issues as his biggest motivators.

The remainder of the meeting was spent discussing proposed changes and updates to the long languishing commercial medical marijuana ordinance. Draft 6 A is expected to be discussed at the next Lansing Planning Commission meeting before being sent back to Safety Committee with zoning suggestions and input. This process has been ongoing for over a year and looks to be extending for the next several months. There has been substantial progress on a working ordinance though, and there looks to be many opportunities for patients, processors and growers, and provisioning centers. Now more than ever it’s important that our patients who are Lansing residents become active and make sure their city representatives know how vital these services are.

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