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Department of Justice warns of “Cannabis Cup” crackdown this week in Las Vegas.

Kind Staff

22 March 2016

Earlier last month, Tribal officials outside Las Vegas received a letter for the US Department of Justice informing them that their planned High Times Cannabis Cup event was in violation of the Federal government’s position on cannabis use and distribution. Tribal leaders and event organizers at High Times Magazine had thought the Cole memo of 2014 and the fact the event is to take place on Tribal land would make the Federal governments attention unwarranted. Event planners, in response, have requested vendors, guests, and performers follow all local and national law and regulations in regard to recreational cannabis possession and distribution. –In essence, a Cannabis Cup with no Cannabis.

The move is seen as an opening blow from the trump administration as it works toward enforcing federal cannabis laws in adult use states such as newly minted Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, etc.  There has been no word on any new investigations, raids, or any federal build ups in regards to legal, state sanctioned adult recreational cannabis sales. This letter is being pointed to by cannabis advocates and business leaders as an unwelcome sign of the times for the new presidential administration.

As of today, the event will take place as planned (March 4-5). All eyes in the emerging industry and overall cannabis community will be on Nevada this weekend. This serves as a pretty insightful reminder that full legalization is not a given. Even with the states falling like dominos there is still some real uncertainty and ambiguity now. It’s important that consumers, patients, advocates, everyone who knows the answer is not more incarcerations and more families destroyed be active and inform and educate their lawmakers both here in Lansing, and all levels of government.

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